Why Choose Travel Genie?

  • Best Price Guarantee.
  • No Credit Card charges..
  • Many suppliers with Park Mark Award
  • Secure & Reliable parking
  • Insured drivers.
  • 24hr security & CCTV
  • No payment surcharges
  • Safe & Secure Transaction
  • Parking area just a few minutes 'drive' from airport.

Welcome to Travel Genie

Welcome to our website, Travel Genie. We specialize in the travelling solutions that include airport parking services, and in some time we are about to launch our hotel bookings to make your travel easy and luxurious.

Gatwick being the second busiest airport is mostly occupied and packed tightly with the traffic input. But leaving your car unattended is also unfavorable for you. Thus, you need to have the concerned airport parking services watch over your vehicle. There are many private airport parking services working on it. Travel Genie is one of the private airport parking services that is determined to provide you with the best services that are reliable and credible. Now park your cars without any hesitation with the Travel Genie travel services.

Airport Parking

The family vacation or the business trip is in order? Then for sure you need the safe and secure valet airport parking that keeps your mind off the unnecessary stress. Then you can opt for the “Travel Genie” valet parking services at Gatwick airport. We are a private parking company but have made our name due to the exceptional services we provide our customers. If you are looking for stress free trip then you can make a good use of our airport parking services, we have a fully automated website where you can make bookings with ease.

Cheap Airport Parking at UK airport

Have you planned out your journey? Now you need to book the reliable valet airport parking that makes sure that you do not face the mental stress of insecurity of your car while travelling. Travel Genie is the best airport parking provider which offers airport parking at different airports around UK.

You can book meet and greet parking with us using our website which is 100% safe and secure, it is as easy as 123 to make booking on our website and it only takes 5 minutes.

Hotels & Car Hire

Travel Genie currently offers meet and greet parking only but in coming months you will come across few different services we offer.

Travel Genie will soon start offering car hire and hotel bookings.

Gatwick Airport Parking

Gatwick Airport is the second most busiest airport of London and home of Travel Genie, this is where Travel Genie was launched.

Travel Genie offers very competitive rates at Gatwick Airport for meet and greet parking, all our parking providers offer safe secure aiport parking within 2-5 miles radius of all major UK airport.

Meet And Greet Parking

Meet and greet airport parking is best for the short stays. The insured drivers of Travel Genie make your stay easier. Just come to the Meet and Greet airport parking spot and hand over your car to our licensed drivers, they will make sure that your car is safe and sound. When you are back from your stay just give us a call and we will bring back your car just where you left. We ensure you that your car will be in the same condition you left and not a single damage done to it.

How does Meet and Greet work?

The meet and greet parking works in simple ways:

  • Drive to the airport parking terminals and meet the licensed driver.
  • The driver will inspect your car to ensure you get it back the same way you gave it. And then hand over your keys to him.
  • You can go off to the check-in and the driver will park your car in secure car park.
  • When you are about to return, give the Meet and Greet provider a call and get your car back in the exact condition you left.
  • Inspect your car, collect your keys and make a way to home.